Chapter 13: Oral Secrets, #2

Second saying: Sink (Chén)

如能松透。 即是沉。
筋络松开。则躯干所系。 皆得从下沉也。

If you are able to relax (song) thoroughly, then the situation is correct for sinking (chen).
When the fascia loosens (relaxes open), then the whole body,
which it ties together, will also sink down.


With chen and song in accordance,
(you realize) they originate from one cause (event/matter).


With sinking, these is no floating.
Floating is a disease.


You must first get the physical ability to sink the body.
Then, pay special attention to sinking the qi.
Sink the qi, then the shen is concentrated.
This is very useful.



  • 病: bìng. Faults and errors are typically described as diseases or illnesses. E.g., the disease of double-weighting or the push hands diseases of butting (putting force out into the partner) or resisting (bracing against the partner)

  • 神凝: shén níng.  Shen is “spirit”. It has many meanings in chinese thought. For TCC, I’ve found it most useful to think of it as “spirit, vitality, awareness”. Yang TCC is said to be the practice of “harmonizing qi, yi (mind, awareness, attention), and shen”. Ning means frozen, congealed, concentrated. I think this may be referring to focusing one’s shen and developing tangible experience and ability with it, as opposed to have one’s spirit dispersed, scattered, and unfocused.

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