The Wisdom of Beautiful Whiskers

These articles are based on extensive notes Bataan took while studying with Professor Cheng. Please respect the work Bataan put in to collect and refine these notes and credit him if you copy or reference these.

Bataan said:

I took notes on what I heard Professor Cheng say during classes or informally during conversations as translated spontaneously by either Tam Gibbs or Ed Young. As time went by, I refined the notes according to my understanding and according to the form. More times than not, I kept the notes as they were.

I have been living with these notes for along time. They have been my constant companion and study guide. I have found them very valuable in my understanding and practice of t'ai-chi ch'uan. I hope you will find them useful in your study and practice.

When I took these notes (some parts were culled from my journal) I did not understand all that was being said. Slowly, as the years went by and as my practice grew, I began to understand more and more. Before Professor Cheng died, I expressed to him my intention to work on this document. I told him that there were many things I did not understand and many things I was not sure of. I told him there might be inaccuracies because of the "on the spot" translations. I found for example, that when Tam translated, he translated literally--word for word from Professor Cheng.  When Ed translated, I thought he put in a little bit of his own interpretation. It was a good balance.

Professor Cheng said to go ahead and not to worry. It's a good start just to have something down. So, these notes have evolved over the years and will probably continue to evolve.

Notes from Professor Cheng

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