Tai Chi Elements

No Tai Chi Elements class in Mar 2019.

  • An ongoing class available on a drop-in basis that gives you a chance to practice the essence of Tai Chi with a group led by an experienced instructor.

  • No experience necessary and you can begin at any time.

  • Tai Chi Elements is offered at Rocky Mountain Tai Chi on Tuesday afternoon at 5:00.

  • Questions? Check out our FAQ.

  • Email us for more info or just come to a class.

Tai Chi Elements is designed to be appropriate for any student, beginning or long-term. We practice qigong and sequences from the tai chi form as a group. These exercises introduce students to the elements that make up tai chi practice including the stances, movements, and postures used in the form. As we practice these exercises, we also introduce the principles and philosophy that make Tai Chi a unique art. 

We use a variety of qigong sets but the core qigong for Tai Chi Elements is based on the Five Animal Frolics: a qigong set with ancient roots going back to approximately 200 CE in the Han dynasty that uses simple repeating motions inspired by the bear, tiger, monkey, deer and crane. The Form Sequences are building blocks for the complete form and include sections such as Grasp Sparrow’s Tail, Brush Knee, and White Crane Spreads Wings.

Tai Chi Elements gives you the basis for a valuable tai chi practice: you’ll be able to practice the qigong set and form sequences at home on your own and with a group in class. The qigong and form sequences are selected to be easy to learn and simple to practice at home. Tai Chi Elements also prepares interested students for our Beginning Form class: it's best to attend two to three months of Tai Chi Elements so that you’ve learned the entire Five Animal Frolics set and the complete set of Form Sequences to prepare yourself to progress onto the formal Tai Chi Form.

Cost for Tai Chi Elements is $10 / class on a drop-in, pay-by-the-class basis. You can also purchase an e-punch card for $100: via credit card, e-punch card covers 11 classes, via cash or check, e-punch card covers 12 classes.  We accept cash, check, and credit cards. You can pay at your first class.


  • Tue afternoon: 5:00 - 5:50 pm

  • All classes at Rocky Mountain Tai Chi Chuan. 1360 Sumac in Boulder (map and directions)