Hygiene Studio

Our studio is in Hygiene at 7733 Hygiene Road, Hygiene 80503.
Hygiene is about 20 mins north of Boulder, between Longmont and Lyons.

Directions and Parking

We're 3/10 of a mile east of "the stop sign" in "downtown" Hygiene, on the north side of Hygiene Road. (Hygiene Road becomes 17th Ave in Longmont.)

Look for an old white farmhouse set back from the road with a dirt driveway between two big cottonwoods. The studio is at the back of the property.

The main parking is just to the left when you enter the drive. Once you’ve parked, walk to the studio either along the path through the gardens or via the driveway. There's also some limited parking in the back by the house and studio for people who need easier access to the studio -- feel free to park up by the house if you want to. If you park in the back, please don’t park on or drive over the flagstone patios or the driveway island.