History of Rocky Mountain Tai Chi Chuan

Jane died in 2001. Bataan passed away in 2012; before he died, he asked two of his senior students, Beth Rosenfeld and Lee Fife, to take over the school. We, along with other senior students, are committed to continuing the practice, consistent with the direction provided by our teachers.

From 2012 through 2017, we led the tai chi program at Naropa University, carrying on the work that Jane and Bataan did at Naropa for 35 years.  We continue to support Naropa students as they join the Rocky Mountain Tai Chi Chuan community for off campus courses.

We studied under Jane and Bataan from 1983 until their deaths. We have also studied with other senior practitioners including Maggie Newman, Ben Lo, and Wolfe Lowenthal.

RMTCC began in 1976 when Jane and Bataan Faigao began teaching in Boulder Colorado.  Jane and Bataan studied tai chi chuan (taijiquan) in 1967 and 1968 under Grand Master Cheng Manching (Zheng Manqing) and his senior students: the late Tam Gibbs, the late Stanley Israel, the late Lou Kleinsmith, Benjamin Lo, Maggie Newman, and Ed Young.

Professor Cheng's greatest teaching was about love, friendship, and family. Many people came to his school in New York to learn how to fight; what he taught them, whether they learned it or not, was how to love. He was never petty. There are those who think that martial arts is a path without heart. But Professor Cheng had heart.