In this chapter, Zheng lists some of the oral instruction and sayings he received from his teachers and amplifies with his thoughts and understanding. This list of secrets doesn't try to cover all the tai chi principles, the way that something like Yang Chengfu's 10 Important Points does. Instead, the list of secrets expands on the principles and describes important oral and indoor teaching.

  1.  Relax

  2.  Sink

  3.  Separate Empty and Full 

  4.  Xu Ling Ding Jin

  5.  Millstone turns, the heart-mind doesn't turn 

  6.  Grasp Sparrow's Tail is Like Two People Sawing 

  7.  I am not a meat rack! 

  8.  Pushed, not falling; Like a not-falling-doll

  9.  Skill of Fa Jin  

  10.  Level, Upright, Even, Uniform 

  11.  Must Be Conscientious 

  12.  Four ounces moves a thousand pounds