Workshop with Sifu Adam Mizner

Come join us for a rare training opportunity with Adam Mizner, one of the most talented practitioners and teachers we've had the privilege to work with. Working with Adam over the last several years has had a profound influence on our personal practice and we're excited to be able to share this opportunity to learn from him.

Adam will be here in Boulder at the end of July for a 4 day intensive workshop -- this is one of only a handful of places he's visiting in the US this year.  We've lengthened the time of the workshop to allow more in-depth practice and a better opportunity to get Adam's teaching.

The workshop will run the last weekend in July, Sat - Tue, July 26 - 29. Each day will include two tai chi training sessions and an additional evening meditation session:

  • 9-12 am, tai chi training, at the Kelly Barn
  • 2-5 pm, tai chi training, at the Kelly Barn
  • 7 - 8:30, evening meditation, at Beth and Lee's studio in Hygiene

Workshop tuition is $500 for all 4 days, or $150 for a single day. Evening meditations are an additional $30 donation for each session -- donations go directly to funding the charitable works of Ajahn Jumnien Silsetso.

The workshop will cover:

  • Foundational training (jibengong)
  • The 5 loosening exercises of Huang Xiangxian (soong gong) 
  • The 8 gates and energies of tai chi chuan 
  • Push Hands drills and exercises
  • Applying the 8 Gates in Push Hands

Signing Up

To sign up:

  • Send us an email at
  • And send payment
    • via paypal to
    • or check to Rocky Mountain Tai Chi, Box 23, Hygiene CO 80533
  • If you're planning to come to both the workshop and the evening meditation, only pay for the workshop now. You can give donation for the evening meditation sessions at the sessions.
  • We'll confirm your registration once we get the email and payment.

About Adam Mizner

Adam is based in Phuket, Thailand, where he runs the Heaven Earth Man Taiji School. Adam has trained in multiple tai chi lineages, including the Huang Xiangxian branch and the Yang Shaohou branch of Yang family tai chi. Huang Xiangxian was one of the senior students of Professor Cheng Manching (Zheng Manqing) in Taiwan and subsequently developed a profound training method for tai chi development. 

Adam is also a senior lay student of Ajahn Jumnien in the Thai Forest tradition of Therevada Buddhism. These studies inform his approach to tai chi as well as the meditation instruction he will be offering.

Here is a video of Adam's tai chi work:

You can also find some additional videos on Facebook. Here's a recent video of Adam doing some form snippets and applying tai chi in more combative scenarios:

You can hear some of Adam's meditation and dhamma talks here (the talk on Relaxation is an obvious one for tai chi people to listen to): 

And here's a video interview and dhamma talk:


Info for Out of Town Attendees

If flying, you'll want to fly into the Denver Airport. Boulder is about 45 mins away from the airport. There are shuttles and buses to Boulder, although it will be more convenient once you're in Boulder if you can get a rental car. (You will need a car to get to Hygiene for evening meditation sessions.)

There are lots of places to stay in Boulder for people coming from out of town. A couple reasonably priced options:

  • Holiday Inn Express. This is the closest motel to the studio where the workshop will be. It's at the north end of Boulder -- there is a frequent bus that runs towards central Boulder, including past the studio.
  • Quality Inn. Centrally located, reasonably priced.
  • Boulder Outlook. A little quirky with a budget price and zero waste focus. We've heard decent reviews from friends who have stayed there.