About Beginning Classes

We run Beginning Form classes about 3 or 4 times a year: at the beginning of the year, in spring, and again in fall.  Our next Beginning Form class will start in in June on Tue evenings from 7:00 - 8:00 in Boulder: starting June 4 and finishing Aug 27. Registration is now open for this class. It runs for 13 weeks and the cost is $130 for pre-registration. . These classes usually fill up: pre-register now to reserve a space.

Beginning Form classes run between 3 and 4 months, each class is one hour long.  We begin by teaching the Five Animals Qigong set: this gives students an immediate basis to develop a personal practice. We then introduce the basic Form Sequences that are the building blocks for the tai chi form. Once students have developed a personal practice and learned the building blocks, we connect those together and teach the remaining portions of the first section of the tai chi form. 

The beginning section of the form is known as the First Third  and is a standalone form that is a subset of the full 37-posture form. The First Third gives students a foundation for personal practice and exercises all the core tai chi principles. Once you have learned the First Third, you have a number of choices:

  • We try to follow Beginning Form classes with Intermediate Form in the same time and location: this lets students learn the rest of the form in a dedicated class with a format similar to Beginning Form.

  • We also offer Focus on Practice: a class that uses the First Third as the basis for a deeper study of tai chi principles and skills.

  • If you want to learn the full form and Intermediate Form doesn’t fit your schedule, you can join one of the ongoing Form Refinement classes where you’ll work both on core tai chi skills and learn the rest of the form, albeit in a less structured way than in an Intermediate Form Class.

(Check the Class Description page for information about any of these classes.)

(If you've already learned Tai Chi in the Cheng Manching or Yang traditions, contact us and we'll figure out what the appropriate class for you is. Some experienced students come directly into our Form Refinement classes while others find it best to start from the beginning.)

Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely, and flat shoes, socks, or barefoot; we like cotton tai chi slippers. 

We offer refunds for per-registration payments for any reason up to two weeks before the class starts. After that, we will have made a commitment to rent the studio space and so we'll offer full or partial refunds as we're able.  But, we can't guarantee a refund for cancellations made later than two weeks before the class starts since we have to cover rent and instructor fees. And if we need to delay, reschedule, or cancel the beginning session, we'll offer full refunds to anyone who can't make the new schedule or no longer wants to join.

Current beginning classes:

  • Current class: Mar 2019. Wed Eves. Started Mar 20, ends June 19. (Hygiene)

  • Next class: June 2019. Tue Eves. Starts June 4, ends Aug 27 (Boulder)

  • Later in 2019: planned Thur eve class in the Fall (TBD).