The Wisdom of Beautiful Whiskers

by Bataan Faigao


"Relax, said the nightman..."

- The Eagles

1. Once the force connects there is nothing that can be done.

2. Relax. At the point of relaxation you can catch the opponent's strength.

3. Relax under the force and into the ground.

4. Move only when the opponent has moved.

5. When you resist with force you merely contribute to the centered concentration of the opponent's push.

6. If you relax even before the force comes, in you can neutralize it.

7. Keep the hands stuck to the opponent's hands all the time.

8. If the opponent tries to push you up, redirect the force up. To redirect you have to relax. This relaxation is the ti in ti fang (sudden yin).

9. When you are attacked with a knife, always go beyond the circle of the knife. Outside the circle you can do anything: slap the knife out of the hand, kick the knife, break the hand. Treat the knife as if it were a feather duster.



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