The Wisdom of Beautiful Whiskers

by Bataan Faigao


One may neutralize on the left side and the right side, but the middle is always open to attack. One must neutralize not only from the waist up but also from the waist down.

One must push only if there is something to push. Once one feels a point of tension, then one can push. One pushes only when this is detected and in so quiet a manner that the opponent can not detect where it is coming from.

Posture must be perfect. Lao Shr's roots are so firm, so subtly stuck to the ground. His hands twist at the wrist so subtly it is almost imperceptible. The relationship between push at the hands and feet comes as a matter of course. From such mechanics arise the integrity and power of movement. As his hands follow the opponent's center, his tan tien is always in a certain relationship to the critical point of the opponent's balance.

Whenever he feels an attack, he goes under it and directs the force in the same direction that the force intended to take him.

All these things cannot be done unless one is in a state of absolute relaxation. Such is the supreme requisite for mastery of energy and movement.



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