The Wisdom of Beautiful Whiskers

by Bataan Faigao


Attack and defense happen at the count of one. It is not a conscious act, rather it is an awareness that transcends all desire. When one feels that one has not done anything and yet succeeds, then one has achieved something. This is called wu wei.

In Bend Bow to Shoot the Tiger, the left hand punches between compass points. Same root coordination as straight punches. One punches and moves away so to speak. One can take care of four opponents with this technique. One steps away (feint) and punches, the punch coming from the opposite root.

In repelling force, there must be the automatic yielding (going to the root) and attacking, which works when one is receiving punches or trying to uproot the opponent. It should happen at the count of one. This is the key. Achieving this, one has mastered the art. Once accomplished, one can refine it and refine it. The process has no limit.

Ch'i must flow to the tan tien . From the tan tien it can flow anywhere in the body at will. The flowing of the ch'i to the root raises the opposite and empty half of the body, the raising of the arm being the most obvious movement. This technique can also be applied to sex without releasing semen.

Lao Shr said t'ai-chi ch'uan can be taught to children by the age of eight. It is naturally in the body and lost by the age of three. The urine of a one year old baby is saturated with ch'i. Old men in China drink it to revitalize themselves.

Sexual energy can be used to one's advantage. The release of sexual energy can be harmful to the body. However, properly practiced, it can revitalize the physical body. Old men who marry younger women, say 23 (the younger the better), revitalize themselves through this process- i. e. , the absorption of energy into oneself. In cases of this sort, the woman is drained, while the man is revitalized. But sex could revitalize both if properly practiced. This relates to the theory of sex as a process of energy transfusion.*

* This is also true in the transmission of energy between mother and her children (by physical contact and affection) or the transmission of energy from the surging of water, especially spring water or water in the streams. The mere presence of running water stimulates the body physically.



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