The Wisdom of Beautiful Whiskers

by Bataan Faigao


1. Lift a calf from the day it is born until it becomes a cow. Push hands should be practiced in the same way. Push with weak people and gradually work up to the strong people.

2. Relax on the ti . The hands do not move on the fang. The energy comes from the feet.

3. Two hands do not push by themselves.The hands have to be balanced. You should be able to discriminate differential weight in either hand.

4. The hands converge into one point.

5. There are two points where you can push.

6. There are three ways of pushing: Converging to a point- this is the strongest of all the three ways. The hands have to listen. Both hands should not be in the same space/point. Each should have a different idea. Don't press or lean on your opponent. It's the legs that should be pressing.



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