The Wisdom of Beautiful Whiskers

by Bataan Faigao


1. It is more than being light on top. When one part of the body moves, all parts move with it. This happens joint by joint.

2. Nothing should stick out and nothing should be hollowed.

3. Everything has to be level, upright, and full.

4. The connection between the joints has to be continuous.

5. The elbow drops and this action brings the palm into proper place. This is what is meant by a "joint-by-joint connection".

6. The fingers must not be too close together.

7. Water image: You must move as if moving with water, or moving the water as you move. The energy must be expressed thus. When you kick you must kick as if you were pushing the water away. When the hands are in the position of crane hands just before going into Single Whip, imagine water dripping from the point where the fingers meet.

8. All the parts of the body must be exercised. Practice slowly. Example: Dr. R., after nine years of practice, started to decline. Lao Shr found out that he had been practicing fast kicks to get his legs strong.



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