The Wisdom of Beautiful Whiskers

by Bataan Faigao


1. If the arm attacks with power, the inside is empty and vulnerable.

2. L: Why do you push with the hard people all the time? Is it because of their potential?

Lao Shr: You are wrong. I want to show that power is useless.

3. Hand and root coordination: right foot and left hand, left root and right hand.

4. When you use strength in your hands and arms and you push, the tendency is to lose your balance.

5. I pushed with Lao Shr and noticed that the only thing I felt was the touch of his hand. It was firm but not strong. He felt glued to the ground and to me. And when he pushed, I never felt the push.

6. Twisting is a result of the preconceived notion of how to move.

7. The idea (idea as mind) must correspond to the posture. The posture is the idea.

8. It is heavy because it has the idea in it.

9. Neutralizing: Transferring from idea to idea. The ideal is not to have an idea.

10. Every place is a neutralization. Every place is an attack.

11. J: These principles are applicable to other situations as well. Can you neutralize and return energy without doing harm and do benefit instead?

Lao Shr: It is completely objective. There is no good, bad, harmful, beneficial. There is only balance. It is like the Chinese scale. Whatever you put in the pan is balanced by the weight.

12. Sitting: Right foot in first, close to the hip joint. Left foot below the right knee. There must be three points: spine and both knees.

13. J: Should you meditate at all?

Meditate on the tan tien. The fire will rise if you meditate on heat. But that's adding ideas to what is already there, what is natural. If you put ch'i in the tan tien, it will go to other places.



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