The Wisdom of Beautiful Whiskers

by Bataan Faigao


1. Use your eyes. It is easier to see from the outside ( to observe). Watch and listen, even if you focus only on one point.

2. If you come in, I guide you away. If you don't come in, I leave you there.

3. Hold the sword with two fingers, thumb, and middle finger.

4. If you use the correct method, there are no boundaries.

5. On method: To S. One has a limit, the other has none. You are getting better. You are improving, but you are still strong. Your method has a limit. You can probably beat someone untrained in the martial arts. They can not get you. But you will not go anywhere. My method has no boundaries.

6. Drop all your weight. 500 pounds of strength dropped down is 2000 pounds.

The strong person, if he succeeds in dropping weight, will become very powerful. It is easier for soft or weak persons to drop weight. If you drop only 75 %, the balance of 25 % will render the 75 % useless. However, when the ch'i  starts to work, all these percentages mean nothing.

7. Double strength (ox vs. ox) becomes muddy water.

8. T'ai-chi ch'uan is a study of a method to get out of being stuck.

9. Take advantage of investing in loss.  Most of us are not willing to lose. We want to win all the time. Some of us also take advantage of our strength. 

10. S's response: It's not that we are not willing to lose. It's a question of sticking to your roots, not giving your roots away.

11. L to E: Why does Lao Shr concentrate on those strong guys? E said: Because he does not want people to go in that direction. He wants the Association to avoid that style. That is not t'ai-chi ch'uan.

12. If you send your idea to your roots, the ch'i  goes there.

13. Practice the form  in the morning and at night. When you practice the form you must have the idea of continuity. The purpose of the form is to enable the ch'i  to flow from beginning to end. This  is highly advanced. The form is about ch'i .

If you do three in the morning and three in the evening, you have to keep that up all your life. If you do three today and two tomorrow, you do not get the benefit of the three that you did. Accumulation of ch'i  depends upon continuity. It has to be steady and continuous, like the stars in the heavens. If you do one today and two tomorrow, you do not get the benefit of the extra one.

14. At other times practice elements and sections. Practice rooting when walking, in Repulse Monkey, Wave Hands in Clouds, etc. You can practice rooting all the time.

15. You must end up on the same spot. This involves matching Repulse Money with Wave Hands in Clouds and various Brush Knees. To do this you have to even out all your steps. You have to evolve your own style.

16. He stopped M at the end of class and asked her to bring her paintings to him. It was then I realized how much aware he was of individual needs and how magnanimous his character was. Truly the Confucianist man!



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