The Wisdom of Beautiful Whiskers

by Bataan Faigao


1. Lao Shr told Jane that we should come to him for medicine and he would guarantee that we will have a boy. We already had two girls.

"Do you think people should have lots of children?" I asked.

"No," he said. "But for you it would be nice."

"We really can't afford it,"  we replied.

"You can tighten your belts," he said. "You are getting healthier, Jane. Your back will get better as your ch'i  starts rising and working for you. The healthier you are, the better  your t'ai-chi ch'uan practice will become, and vice versa."

Lao Shr continued, "I am going to teach a Confucius class in the traditional manner. One of the things you have to do is bow down to an image of Confucius (kow tow ). What do you think of that?"

"That's fine," I said. "Americans are not used to bowing to anything or anybody. But if you explain to them, it will be fine."

"I am not trying to get you people to worship any brazen images. Bowing is an acknowledgement that another person knows more than you. I have bowed down to many people in my life."

Oscar Ichazo, founder of Arica, came to see Lao Shr and he bowed before him and Lao Shr bowed back. Tam bowed also. Tam said of Oscar, "His eyes are deep, dark, and bright. His eyes are not like other men's." And for Oscar, Lao Shr chased everyone helter skelter with his sword.

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