The Wisdom of Beautiful Whiskers

by Bataan Faigao


1. It is not enough to push into the root. You have to uproot.

2. When you lay your hands on somebody you have their center already, all the time. There is no need to move your hands around.

3. Whenever you feel the person's strength, relax at that particular spot and then start your ti fang. This applies both to a push or a neutralization.

4. Practice one form in the morning and one form before going to bed. You want to achieve continuity and duration. Your stomach tells you to eat. Your body tells you to fall asleep. But nothing tells you to do t'ai-chi ch'uan but your will.

5. Alcohol is a very effective and benevolent medicine if used properly. You   can't   drink   yourself   to  oblivion (overcome by the spirit of the bottle) but you can use it as medicine, moderately. It is good for the heart and settles your ch'i . Opium is another effective drug, it is even better. It should be used moderately and properly. Many people in China got into this habit. Used moderately, it can prolong life. (*12)

I have been drinking since I was six and I will beat up anybody who calls me a drunk.



(*12) Aleister Crowley, in his autobiography, relates the use of opium by coolies during his expedition to China. The story of this particular expedition supports Lao Shr's statement about opium. Not only does opium prolong life, it also gives you incredible endurance. There is also the contention that opium affects the Chinese physiology in a different way than others.


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