The Wisdom of Beautiful Whiskers

by Bataan Faigao


1. To S and K: Avoid each other. I am impressed by your power, but you will never improve if you push with each other. You just get stronger and stronger. Common faults: butting, dashing to the wall. Choose somebody either stronger or weaker than you. If stronger, let the strong one push you. The idea is not to push the other person. There should never be an opening. You have to be on guard all the time.

2. To F: You cannot feel me coming. When you do, it is too late. You are not connected, even if you are light.

3. To S: Progress little by little. Try pushing in the correct manner. Try with the softer people first. Then gradually move on to the harder people.

4. You have to have a little room for yourself ( and work with the space ) in order to push correctly.

5. Go to the heart of the circle.

         A. Incoming force.

         B. Response which is fatal to you.

         C. Correct response: move directly. Directing C force to A force involves prior downward neutralization.

6. It is not in the power but in the method.

7. It is better not to know the opponent is coming. You are better off if you do not know what is coming ( you will be able to relax more ).

8. To M on ti fang:  You will gradually develop the touch. You cannot learn the touch mechanicallly. You have to listen.

9. To me and N: He pushed me down very, very low and moved my spine (holding me at the hips) from back leg ( as far as I could go ) to the front leg (as far as I could go). It was so low it was difficult for me to move. "Don't worry, you will get used to it," he said.


- You tap a source of power by going down.

- Down low you unlock the energy of your own hips. Movement from one leg to the other (once it becomes more flexible) releases tremendous  power (intrinsic power, root power).

-You have to trust in the method in order for it to work.



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