At the age of 20, Lao Shr was teaching calligraphy at the University of China. Another calligrapher, upon seeing his work, was amazed at the similarity between Lao Shr's calligraphy and a certain Buddhist monk's calligraphy. This monk used to live in the monastery. He brought Lao Shr some samples of this monk's calligraphy and they both examined it. To their surprise the work looked exactly the same. It was as if it were done by the same hand, manifested by the same spirit. They both went to visit this monastery where the Buddhist monk used to live. As soon as they entered the monastery, the whole scene became so familiar to Lao Shr. "Over behind that door is a low table where I used to sit and meditate." Sure enough that was where this monk spent most of his life, sitting.

After that Lao Shr learned one thing further. He could not understand why his legs were so weak. He was always having a problem with his legs. He figured out that that was from sitting in lotus position for a lifetime in a previous incarnation.

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