The Wisdom of Beautiful Whiskers

by Bataan Faigao


1. When I walked across to the storage room to put my slippers on, Lao Shr noticed my hair and broke into laughter. I had just gotten a crew cut. He was attending to a patient. He laughed and said, "I have never seen anything prettier." Everyone laughed with him. The Chinese girl said, "You look Chinese." Lao Shr agreed. Before class, he gathered all the long haired students and pointed out my crew cut as exemplary. Later he called me to push with E and said, "You look ten years younger."

While chauffeuring him earlier he asked Tam to ask me what the meaning was of my goatee and my slight moustache. I was embarrassed and said, "It means nothing." He said, "Shave it off. It's appropriate for me to have them," fingering his beautiful whiskers. And then he rambled on about how in China they have a science of how the face should look. Of course, I shaved shortly afterwards.



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