The Wisdom of Beautiful Whiskers

by Bataan Faigao


1. You can never really get hurt if you hit the wall as long as you are soft. Once he had a student who had tuberculosis and he pushed the student against the wall for two years. The student just yielded all the time and allowed himself to get pushed and to hit the wall. After two years his tuberculosis went away.

2. When the push comes straight to the center (as in the chest), turn. Do not receive the push at the chest.

3. If the pressure from both hands of the opponent are equally soft, direct the push toward a single point.

4. Avoid being sluggish in your pushing. Make it quick, let it flow like water rushing.

5. If a person's strength cannot be applied on you, you can use it against the opponent.

6. Catch the push. If the push reaches the body, all is lost.

7. Don't let a chance go by.



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