The Wisdom of Beautiful Whiskers

by Bataan Faigao


Lao Shr had five students, all sicklings. A man visited their class one day, a man who studied t'ai-chi ch'uan for twenty years and taught  for ten. They also called him "Professor". The man pushed with Lao Shr's students. One of Lao Shr's students, a man named Kung, had been studying for only six months. Kung pushed the "Professor" around and the "Professor" could not push Kung. Kung pushed the " Professor" around until the "Professor" was  completely humiliated. Kung stopped studying t'ai-chi ch'uan and went into the textile business to get rich. Lao Shr said that in his forty years of practice he has never come across anybody who had such talent. For Kung to give up practice was beyond his comprehension. Lao Shr said that ever since the "Professor" has been vowing revenge for the humiliation suffered under Kung.

   An attack (the full side) is always equal to the vulnerable point (the empty side).

Two ways to handle a push:

         a. Get out of the way of the push and then push.

         b. Receive the push ( receiving energy ) and then push.

The second is more powerful. You can completely uproot an opponent this way. The first is also powerful and you can maneuver by pushing toward the ceiling and uproot. The power generated is incredible. Lao Shr said this actually happened in the Yang family (somebody ended up stuck in the ceiling).

Addendum: Whenever Professor Cheng returned to Taiwan his students there would hasten to get him pushing, eager to check their progress since they saw him last. While pushing with WC, Professor uprooted him so high he nearly hit his head in the ceiling. Professor's comment to WC was that he had developed a really good root. Added 6/16/98

Personal Note: Soon Professor Cheng will retire, perhaps disappear. Only his memory will be ours, and soon that too will disappear. We will realize how high he really was, and we could not see it when his brief time touched ours.



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