The Wisdom of Beautiful Whiskers

by Bataan Faigao 


1. The nine joints:

    Shoulder- the hardest to open

    Ankle- the hardest to open

    Sacrum- Ch'i starts to rise 
    Top of the head- when this opens up, one attains enlightenment

2. Tendons have to be loose.

3. Movement has to do with relationship between mind and body. T'ai-chi movement: loosen the body and the body follows what the mind wills. Habitual movement is where the mind is not in control of the body. Once the body is loose, one can start working on the ch'i.

4. The tan tien is 1 3/10 " below the navel.

5. Kinds of ch'i-

    Ch'i of the atmosphere
    Ch'i of the blood
    Ch'i of the semen

Ch'i of the atmosphere is held in the tan tien, the reservoir, by the concentration of the mind. Breath must be slow, thin, long, and quiet. Think of these when you bring ch'i down to the tan tien. It should not be forced. Idea makes this possible. When the ch'i is accumulated, that is the beginning of wonderful, unbelievable, unexpected things. It is very difficult to communicate this. Awareness of ch'i starts at the hands (specifically the middle- or heart- of the palms ). Then you can feel it in the tan tien. There are five points where the ch'i can be felt: two on each hand (heart of the palms), two on each feet (heart of the feet- bubbling spring), one on the crown of the head. Strength can not reach these points.

Ch'i in the blood comes from the parents.*

*When my second daughter was born, Lao Shr gave me a small vial which contained a medicine he had distilled from various herbs. He said to place a drop of the medicine on the baby's tongue soon after the baby is born, before the baby receives any external nourishment. He said to expect the baby to expel a yellow colored phlegm-like substance about two to three inches in diameter, and so long- which he called a " poisonous substance ", which comes from the parents. Having expelled such substance, the baby will be immune from " strange diseases" during her childhood years.

My second child was a natural birth. I was allowed in the delivery room, which was not the case with my first child. So, logistically, it was possible to sneak in this unusual procedure- which we did while the nurse's back was turned. Sure enough, the baby expelled a yellow colored phlegm-like substance, about two to three inches in diameter and maybe four to five inches long. I deposited it in the sink for the nurse.

I kept the medicine in my freezer for a year or so and dispensed it to amenable friends who were having babies. It worked for a year. After that the concoctment must have lost its potency.

6. To get good in t'ai-chi ch'uan you need persistence, perseverance, and practice.


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