The Wisdom of Beautiful Whiskers

by Bataan Faigao


1. The strength is in ourselves.

2. A dead arm drifts without substance, without idea, without will.

3. Half the space at every moment is the moment of attack. The other half is instantaneous counter-attack. This is called the annihilation of duality.

4. If an arm goes dead, there is a heavy concentration in the other side.

5. Strength means resistance.

6. Resistance means struggle.

7. Struggle is useless.

8. To be strong, to resist, to struggle is to be rigid and unbending.

9. Hold on to a movement and eventually the strength and hardness will dissipate.

10. There is no conflict in the true practice of t'ai-chi ch'uan and Push Hands. In Push Hands there is a flow of energy from one to the other. There is the alternating movement of yin and yang. The yin becomes yang and yang becomes yin.

11. The alternating movements of yin and yang becoming the merging of yin and yang.

12. Fear solidifies the strength. This is the source of rigidity.

13. Fear and resistance create strength, tension, hardness, and rigidity.

14. Complete relaxation is the opposite of strength.

15. Be loose and flexible.

16. There is always a vulnerable spot.



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