The Wisdom of Beautiful Whiskers

by Bataan Faigao

15 A Good Push is like a Cold Shot

1. Don't leave an empty spot for a hand to come in. Palms must touch elbow and wrist of the opponent in Push and Press and elbow to elbow in Roll Back.

    A good push
        Is like a cold shot
        out of the blue

3. Let the opponent neutralize if he wishes. Relax and go with the neutralization. You will always get another chance. Keep moving.

4. A good push takes the opponent's root away.

5. When the opponent's elbow gets heavy, give way and return.

6. When some resistance is felt, give way to the resistance immediately and return.

7. Arm and body should not be locked in one piece. Opponent should never be able to get to the body via the arms.



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