The Wisdom of Beautiful Whiskers

by Bataan Faigao

14 ONE

1. Second part of the form concentrates on the legs.

2. Form:

  • Get down.
  • You must straighten out that neck. Chin pointing downward. This brings the ch'i down to the tan tien and clears the head.
  • Do Sweep the Lotus slowly.
  • In Withdraw and Push withdraw by not using the arms. Use legs and waist.
  • The t'ai-chi fist: loose without spaces. Not tight but soft. Thumb should not protrude.
  • Ch'i- you must have faith in ch'i. Strength nullifies the ch'i. Cultivating ch'i is the highest discipline.

3. Lao Shr said to me, "You are looking healthy. Good color. Form is getting better. You have to get the neck straightened out. Otherwise, it's going to develop into a big fault."

4. To S: Hollow spaces in the face show lack of ch'i. Avoid strength. Do not sweat. Your original energy was injured at some point in your training. You were pushing K with strength.

K: It was an accident.

Lao Shr: But it can become a habit. I know it was an accident. You can always see an intention.

5. Comments to students:

  • It's all in the emptiness and the fullness of the legs. You have to distinguish this.
  • Keeping score is not where it's at. I push you three times and you push me four. So what!
  • Do not let the opponent adhere.
  • To S: you have some capital in the legs. You have strength and its down in the legs already. Be like a sandbag.Let people push you around.
  • To J: if your health is not up to par, you cannot cultivate energy.
  • To A: you have to get your weight down from the shoulders.

6. Size of the person does not matter in t'ai-chi ch'uan. You have to learn to receive energy.

7. In Bend Bow to Shoot the Tiger: The right hand is empty (little idea).

Right leg and left arm are full and correlate. Two hands are in a straight line.

Application: left hand punches, right hand protects your face.

8. In this regard, K insisted on an actual fighting demonstration. Lao Shr said it's not something you can use in one position. It's not like that. It's all in your mind, your idea. That's the application. T'ai-chi ch'uan as self-defense is not a static event. You can't block because the energy just keeps going, moving in a circle. You have to receive the energy.

9. Never act as an opposite to the incoming force. Don't act as two.

10. If my idea goes there, my ch'i is there.

11. K: "What are you going to do when someone comes at you like this?" With all strength and speed, K got into a boxing stance and started to box. He looked ridiculous.

Lao Shr laughed and said, "Next time, tomorrow, come to me like that and we'll see."

12. In Chinese movies you see them allowing themselves to be hit and taking turns at it. You don't allow yourself to be hit. Move away. Two inches is all you have to move away and you are out of reach. What is the meaning of all this fighting?


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