The Wisdom of Beautiful Whiskers

by Bataan Faigao


1. The tailbone * must line up with the heart of the feet.

2. When neutralizing (to yield to a force) the body must move as a whole. Do not neutralize only the isolated body area that is being attacked.

3. Stick with your opponent: elbow to elbow, hand to hand as if you were the mirror image of your opponent. This principle is essential to the Push Hands form. Stick with your opponent in such a way that he can not find you with a hand punch.

4. Work through the resistance all the time.

5. Yield on one side. You must be willing to relax, to open, and receive before you can counteract effectively.

6. Never move ahead of your opponent. Always wait for the opponent to move.


7. Faults and Virtues

Too emptySticking to opponent
Too diffusedAdherence to form
Too concentratedLoose

8. Don't insist on pushing

9. Stepping in: the back foot has to be solid. One foot has to be empty and the other completely full. The empty foot comes up automatically.

10. In Push Hands, stick to the basic movements ( Grasping the Sparrow's Tail).

11.Your sense of power increases as you become more centered.

12. Never hold on to anything: when you can not neutralize an attack, go with it.

13. There is always a point where vulnerability and power are at their extreme. It's the same point. At this point a slight touch or a breath can release the energy contained in that moment The energy released is like an arrow released from the bow.

14. The line between being awake and being asleep is very thin.

Commentary: Aligning heaven and earth creates the condition for alchemical transformation in the human body.

Lao Shr always drops down lower than the incoming force, goes down under the line of fire and counters (vertical rotation). The dropping down, the yielding, and the couterattack happen at the same time. They are actually one movement.

* Literally, sacred bone- a thick triangular bone situated in the lower end of the spinal column where it joins both hip bones to form the dorsal part of the pelvis. It consists of five fused sacral vertebrae.



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