Rocky Mountain T'ai Chi Ch'uan

Teaching Yang style Tai Chi Chuan via the Cheng Man-Ching lineage in Boulder County CO since 1977

NEw Beginning Class

We will start a beginning class in June. The class will run on Tue eves, 7 - 8 pm, from June 4 through Aug 27 and will be held outside , next to Boulder Creek, under the Boulder Public Library. This class has filled up now. We plan to have our next beginning classes starting in the fall. Contact us if you have any questions.

June PRactice Intensive

Announcing a practice weekend May 31 - June 2.
(Note: this will preempt regular classes on Fri May 31 and Sat June 1 as well as First Sunday on June 2.) Check here for all the details.

New Classes

There are several new classes:
* Sword on Wed morn at 9:30 am
* Full form on Fri aft at 1:30 pm (beginning May 1)
* Open Studio practice on Fri aft from 2:30 pm - 6:30 pm (beginning May 1)
* New Beginning Class in Boulder: Tue eves, 7 - 8. Starts June 4.

Contact us to be put on our mailing list so you get notified about that class.

First Sunday

Our next First Sunday class will be in August, at our Hygiene Studio. First Sunday in June will be part of our June workshop, and we’re planning on taking the week of July 4 off.

Form from 10am - noon. Sword or Push Hands from 12 - 1. Open to all RMTCC students who have learned the full form.

Lee's Latest Translation Effort

I recently finished a translation of the 7th Treatise on Jin and Physics from Professor Cheng's 13 Treatises.

This translation spawned a lot of additional work as I tried to understand the cultural context in which Cheng wrote this treatise. I’ll share my results shortly in another piece.

But, for now, you can peruse Cheng’s ideas about the mechanics behind Tai Chi Chuan.

You can find all my translations on the Translations page.

The Yang Family Eight Word Formula, freshly translated into Spanish thanks to J Félix Fernández.


We base our work at Rocky Mountain Tai Chi on the "practice tripod" defined by Professor Cheng: form, push hands, and sword.

We also incorporate practice of various qigong sets, fundamental drills, standing meditation, and internal work.

See a description of our classes for more information.

Questions? See our FAQ.

Tai Chi Movement at Cancer Center

On Friday mornings, we work with cancer patients at the Cancer Center at Boulder Community Hospital. It's a great opportunity for us to help people by sharing the art and its benefits.  This class is open to anyone dealing with cancer treatment whether at BCH or other facilities. Click here to see the BCH flyer.